Taiwan Visa Requirements for Montenegrin Citizens

Montenegrin visitors can anticipate experiencing the unique oriental culture and learning about the many historical artifacts Taiwan has to offer once they have satisfied Taiwan e-visa requirements for Montenegrin citizens.

Taiwan visa requirements for Montenegrin citizens

Taiwan visa requirements for Montenegrin citizens

Overall, Taiwan is a nation that provides a distinctive variety of encounters that are sure to intrigue any traveler. Taiwan has something for everyone, from breathtaking scenery and cultural legacy to friendly locals and delectable cuisine. The Taipei Zoo, the Botanical Garden, and the magnificent Hsing Tian Kong are just a few of the many fantastic restaurants, stores, and bars to be found in this city.

1. Check Taiwan e-visa requirements for Montenegrin citizens

Taiwan visa for Montenegrin citizens

Taiwan visa for Montenegrin citizens

What is a Taiwan e-Visa for Montenegrin citizens?

If you are a Montenegrin citizen and plan to visit Taiwan, you must have a visa. You also require a passport. There is an online option for application if you want to file for a visa. The immigration rules for Taiwan for Montenegrin citizens make it simple to enter with a digital document.

How many types of e-Visas can Montenegrin citizens apply for?

If you live in Montenegro and want to go to Taiwan, you should think about requesting one of the two accessible visas:

  • The Taiwan tourist e-visa is intended particularly for foreign citizens who desire to visit Taiwan for short-term stays, vacations, or to visit friends and family. The visa is appropriate for visitors who want to spend some time discovering Taiwan or participating in cultural and athletic activities. The passport allows for a 30-day maximum stay with just one entrance.
  • The second type is the Taiwan Business e-visa, which has a 90-day validity term and only permits one entry. Applicants for this e-visa should be travelers who require a trip to Taiwan for professional purposes, such as to attend conferences, seminars, or lectures.

How long am I allowed to remain in the nation with a Taiwan e-Visa?

With a Taiwan e-Visa, visitors can stay for up to 30 days with just one entrance, and the visa is good for up to 90 days after the issue. Additionally, they can apply for a conventional visa at the Taiwan Embassy in Montenegro if they want to visit Taiwan for an extended period of time or for another reason.

Attention: The Taiwan e-visa cannot be extended or changed to a different kind of visa. If you want to extend your stay in Taiwan, look into other options, like requesting citizenship.

2. How to apply for a Taiwan e-visa for Montenegrin citizens?

Taiwan e-visa process for Montenegrin citizens

Taiwan e-visa process for Montenegrin citizens

For citizens of Montenegro, obtaining a Taiwan e-visa is a remarkably simple and quick procedure. You can quickly and easily experience Taiwan's breathtaking grandeur by following these four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Fill out the Taiwan online visa application form in step one. Give us the information we need to move on to step two in the second stage.
  • Step 2: Pay the visa fees and submit supporting documents
  • Step 3: Receive a confirmation of your visa application. A Taiwan e-visa for Montenegrin passport holders will soon arrive in your inbox.
  • Step 4: Create a formal paper using the duplicate of your arrival visa for Taiwan from step four.

What documents are required for a Taiwan visa for Montenegrin citizens?

According to Taiwan's "six/three-month passport validity" rule, the application for a Taiwan visa needs a number of supporting papers, including

  • A passport or other travel document good for at least six months after the entrance date;
  • Two pictures of the size of a passport that must be attached to the online form for a Taiwan visa;
  • An email address to receive the notification of visa order

If you are visiting Taiwan for business purposes, you might need to present some of the following documents:

  • Evidence of business activities: Proof of employment or assignment from a relevant organization/company.
  • Evidence of business activities: An invitation letter from Taiwan organization/company is required
  • Evidence about business activities: Proof of commercial business exchange (Invoice(s), import/export documents, shipping orders, letter of credit, remittance receipt, bill of lading, transaction records, etc.
  • Evidence of business activities: Details of the contact person in Taiwan (full name, address, tel. no.).

3. Taiwan e-visa fees for a successful application

Taiwan e-visa fees for Montenegrin citizens

Taiwan e-visa fees for Montenegrin citizens

For a perfect Taiwan e-visa, only two fees are necessary:

- The service cost of a Taiwanese electronic visa:

  • When an e-visa is required in three working days is considered normal service. This option is the least expensive.
  • There is a two-working-day time restriction for those who need an e-visa right away. Travelers need to pay a small extra fee for this service.
  • If you need an e-visa by the end of the next business day, you should choose Super Urgent.

- The Government fee is also required.

Read more at: Taiwan Immigration Service for e-visa fees

How can I pay for the Taiwan e-visa fees?

There are two methods to cover the expenses in this situation:

  • Depositing funds into a bank account which accepts both euros and US dollars as forms of payment;
  • Additionally, credit or debit cards are accessible;
  • Montenegrin nationals have a variety of adaptable choices for charging expenses, including American Express, Visa, PayPal, money transactions, and Visa.

What makes Taiwan Immigration Services the best option for online Taiwan visa applications?

Montenegrin nationals can obtain a Taiwan passport quickly and easily, but it does take some work. In order to prevent any delays or rejections, it is essential to make sure that all required papers are accurate and comprehensive. Citizens of Montenegro can easily acquire a Taiwan e-visa by following the instructions provided in this piece.

The Taiwan Immigration Services offers travel insurance for Montenegrin citizens as well, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey. Apply right away! Don't delay any longer!

You will require a visa if you live in Montenegro and want to travel to Taiwan. For Montenegrin nationals, the Taiwan Immigration Services provides the quickest way to acquire a Taiwan e-visa. By following the directions, you can quickly get your travel pass and experience the stunning country of Taiwan. So get started on your Taiwan online visa application right away and enjoy a trouble-free trip.