Taiwan Visa Requirements for Saudi Arabian Citizens

For people from Saudi Arabia, culture is the most important feature to consider when traveling to a country with a long Eastern culture like Taiwan. There will be different cultural existences, but Taiwan has enough confidence and humility to welcome and interact with a special culture like Saudi Arabia. Taiwan e-visa for Saudi Arabian citizens will be a special ticket that creates that intersection. 

Taiwan visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens

Taiwan visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens

Along with all of this, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is home to many historic places, and new institutions keep opening up year after year. By the way, hiking and cycling in Kaohsiung will transport tourists to many of the finest viewpoints. Let's take a look at the Taiwan e-visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens in this article to have the best preparation for the trip!

For Taiwan, do Saudi Arabian citizens require a visa?

Taiwan visa for Saudi Arabian citizens

Taiwan visa for Saudi Arabian citizens

You require a visa to visit Taiwan if you are a resident of Saudi Arabia. However, keep in mind that you can apply for Taiwan online visa application, saving you the trip to the consulate. The Taiwan e-visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens are a computerized document that gives you easy access to Taiwan.

How about the duration of a Saudi Arabian resident's Taiwan e-visa?

A Taiwan e-visa only allows you to remain in Taiwan for a total of 30 days. This travel document is only good for a maximum of 90 days from issued date.

This trip document may only be used for business or leisure. It cannot be utilized for professional reasons.

What kinds of paperwork must be submitted for Saudi Arabian residents to submit a Taiwan e-visa for Saudi Arabian citizens?

The preparation of the necessary papers is the next step. The necessary paperwork includes:

  • A copy of the passport's biodata page; 
  • A signed registration form and a passport-size picture;

Taiwan e-visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens

Taiwan e-visa process for Saudi Arabian citizens

Taiwan e-visa process for Saudi Arabian citizens

You need to submit a number of corroborating documents, such as the following, in order to be given consideration for a Taiwan visa:

  • Your passport or other travel documents must be legitimate for at least another six months after the date of the entrance because Taiwan adheres to the "six/three-month passport validity" rule.
  • The Taiwan online visa application form completed.
  • Two photographs the size of your passport are provided.
  • Manifestation of payment of the Taiwan e-visa fees.
  • A valid email address to receive notifications and Taiwan visa approval information.

Any additional documents associated with your application for a Taiwan business visa, including:

  • Evidence of business activities: Proof of employment or assignment from a relevant organization/company.
  • Evidence of business activities: An invitation letter from Taiwan organization/company is required
  • Evidence about business activities: Proof of commercial business exchange (Invoice(s), import/export documents, shipping orders, letter of credit, remittance receipt, bill of lading, transaction records, etc.
  • Evidence of business activities: Details of the contact person in Taiwan (full name, address, tel. no.).

How to apply for a Taiwan online visa for Saudi Arabian citizens?

You won't believe how fast and easy the Taiwan e-visa application procedure is. You can freely and simply tour lovely Taiwan by following the four easy steps listed below.

  • Step 1: Complete the Taiwan online visa application form for a Taiwan visa. Before proceeding to the following step, you should verify all the information.
  • Step 2: After that, you need to pay the visa fees. In addition, you may provide the additional document to complete the process.
  • Step 3: An e-visa for Taiwan will soon be delivered to your inbox.
  • Step 4: Make a formal document out of the duplicate of your arrival visa for Taiwan.

How many types of e-visa can Saudi Arabian citizens apply for?

Prior to their trip, Saudi Arabian citizens should consider filing for one of the two types of Taiwan visas:

  • Taiwan eTourist Visa

The Taiwan e-visa for tourists is intended for outsiders visiting Taiwan for leisure, tourism, watching, or a brief visit to see friends or family.

  • Those who want to remain to go traveling or on vacation Those who want to stay to visit family and friends
  • Those who wish to remain may participate in athletic events, contests, and activities related to artistic acts.

Taiwan eTourist Visa with Single Entry for 30 Days

Upon acceptance, the candidate might be given a 30-day window. Single entries are permitted beginning on the day of the original landing, as is a single entry Taiwan eTourist Visa. (Within the given 30 days.) 

  • Taiwan business e-visa

This type of Taiwan e-visa is offered for those who want to visit Taiwan for Business Purposes with a single entrance for 30 days.

  • Those who want to proceed can have commercial negotiations and deals.
  • Anyone who wants to leave a seminar, workshop, or presentation may do so.
  • Those who wish to remain for tasks necessitating brief instruction (less than one month)
  • Those who wish to remain for musical, artistic, and dance shows
  • Those who wish to remain for holy occasions

Taiwan e-visa processing time

Saudi Arabian nationals must typically wait three working days to apply for a Taiwan passport. However, it might take longer if there is a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is suggested that e-visa forms be submitted at least two weeks prior to the intended travel date.

Take a deeper look at the guidance on the Taiwan Rush Visa if you find yourself in a circumstance where you urgently need a Taiwan e-visa.

Taiwan e-visa fees for a successful application

Taiwan e-visa fees for Saudi Arabian citizens

Taiwan e-visa fees for Saudi Arabian citizens

To acquire a perfect Taiwan e-visa, only two fees are required:

Service fee for Taiwan e-visa. The cost depends on how quickly you want to get your visa.

  • Normal: For those who require an e-visa in less than three working days.
  • Urgent: Those who require an e-visa immediately must apply within two working days.
  • Super Urgent: Those who need an e-visa within one working day should pick Super Urgent.

Taiwan's government charges for e-visas.

Read more at Taiwan Immigration Service for e-visa fees

Taiwan e-visa fees: Which methods of payment can travelers from Saudi Arabia use?

To charge the costs, you have two payment options:

  • Bank deposits are made via the Bank of Cyprus, which allows payments in both Euros and US dollars.
  • Credit and debit cards are also available: Residents of Saudi Arabia can charge costs using a variety of flexible methods, including American Express, Visa, PayPal, money transactions, and Visa.

The detailed guidelines can be found on the Taiwan e-visa payment page

What qualifies Taiwan Immigration Services as your top option for a Taiwan online visa application?

A Taiwan e-visa for Saudi Arabian residents can be acquired swiftly, simply, and with little effort. To prevent delays or rejections, it is critical to ensure that all necessary papers are accurate and complete. Tourists can journey to Taiwan simply by following the directions in this article to acquire a Taiwan e-visa for Saudi Arabian residents.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, Taiwan Immigration Services offers travel insurance, which provides Saudi Arabian citizens with the safest and greatest experience possible. Get it as soon as possible!

If you live in Saudi Arabia and want to visit Taiwan, you must first obtain a visa. The Taiwan Immigration Services is the most efficient way for Saudi Arabian citizens to apply for a Taiwan e-visa. Following the procedures outlined will allow you to obtain your travel authorization quickly and enjoy the beautiful nation of Taiwan. Don't let Taiwan e-visa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens keep you from experiencing all that Taiwan has to offer. Begin your Taiwan online visa application right away for a stress-free trip.