Taiwan Visa Requirements for Solomon Island Citizens

You may start your journey to Taiwan, a stunningly old nation, by learning about the Taiwan e-visa requirements for Solomon Island citizens. To begin your adventure, immediately use the Taiwan online visa application!

Taiwan e-visa requirements for Solomon Island citizens

Taiwan e-visa requirements for Solomon Island citizens

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1. Check Taiwan e-visa requirements for Solomon Island citizens

Taiwan e-visa for Solomon Island citizens

Taiwan e-visa for Solomon Island citizens

What is a Taiwan e-Visa for Solomon Island citizens?

A Taiwan e Visa, a legal document provided online by ROC (Republic of China) overseas embassies, enables foreign nationals to begin a journey to Taiwan. Using an e-Visa, foreign nationals can travel and conduct business within the ROC. If you want to visit Taiwan for any other reason, however, you must apply for the appropriate visa with the Taiwanese authorities.

Applicants must provide documentation at the customs checkpoint in Taiwan after arriving by displaying the printout of the e-visa.

How many types of e-Visa can Solomon Island citizens apply for?

Travelers from Bosnia and Herzegovina have two options for e-visas before they leave on their journey.

  • The Taiwan Tourist e-Visa is the first type; it is valid for one entrance and has a 90-day validity period. Foreign nationals visiting Taiwan for leisure, vacation, to see friends or family, or for other similar reasons are eligible for this e-visa.
  • The second type is the Taiwan Business e-visa, which has a 90-day validity period and only permits one entry. People should apply for this e-visa if they need to go to Taiwan for professional reasons, such as attending conferences, seminars, or lectures.

Taiwan e-visa processing time

Although it may take longer during the busiest travel times, the handling period for Solomon Island nationals' Taiwan visa applications is ordinarily three working days. It's advised to apply for a visa online at least one week before your planned departure date to prevent any problems.

The Taiwan Rush Visa guidance, on the other hand, offers helpful advice on how to get a Taiwan e-visa as quickly as possible if you need one immediately.

How long am I allowed to remain in the nation with a Taiwan e-Visa?

Solomon Island nationals can apply for a conventional visa at the Taiwan Embassy if they want to visit Taiwan for an extended period of time or for another reason.

2. How to apply and process time for a Taiwan e-visa for Solomon Island citizens?

Taiwan visa process for Solomon Island citizens

Taiwan visa process for Solomon Island citizens

The e-Visa application process isn't nearly as challenging and time-consuming as you had anticipated, as you'll soon realize.

The following is the quickest method to apply for a Taiwan e-Visa at Taiwan Immigration Services:

  • Step 1: First, fill out the secure online registration form.

Please complete the online forms on Taiwan Immigrations Services website to complete your eVisa application: Online visa application for Taiwan

In this phase, you must precisely input the applicant's personal and travel information.

  • Step 2: The second step is to gather evidence and provide the required paperwork.

Please verify all of your information at least twice to ensure accuracy. To pay the visa service fee, choose a payment method and complete the secure payment form.

There are a few additional documents you must send to complete your application once we have received full payment for the Taiwan Government Fee and Visa Service Fee.

  • Step 3: Get your Taiwan e-visa in this step through email.

After completing Step 2, please double-check the email we sent you with your verified information, and we'll let you know when your Taiwan eVisa will be ready.

You can receive the eVisa for basic service in 3 working days. Get an eVisa in less than 24 hours if you need assistance right away. The eVisa will be electronically processed and sent to the tourist, who will then get it through email.

  • Step 4: Have your passport stamped with your visa when you arrive.

Before boarding the plane, kindly print out your Taiwan eVisa. You'll receive it by email from us. Once you enter Taiwan with a valid eVisa, an immigration official at the border crossing will stamp your passport.

What documents are required for a Taiwan e-visa for Solomon Island citizens?

You must submit several supporting documents, including:

  • A current passport or other travel documents that comply with Taiwan's "six/three-month passport validity" rule, which mandates that they be valid for at least six months after your entrance date;
  • Two visa-sized photos are attached to the finished Taiwan online visa application form;
  • A return ticket or other proof of forward travel proving your intention to depart Taiwan after your stay is over;
  • The last one is financial evidence.

Some extra documents you are asked to provide to obtain a Business eVisa are:

  • Evidence of commercial activity: A letter of assignment or proof of employment from a relevant company or organization.
  • An invitation letter from a Taiwanese company is required as proof of commercial activities.
  • Evidence of company operations Evidence of a commercial business exchange, such as invoices, shipment orders, letters of credit, remittance receipts, bills of ladings, transaction records, etc.
  • Information about the Taiwanese contact person (complete name, address, and phone number) as proof of business operations.

To bolster the case for your visit, you might be asked to provide more supporting documentation. If you are going to Taiwan for business, for instance, you might need a letter from your employer. A letter of invitation and documentation of a close family connection may also be required if you are traveling for leisure.

3. Taiwan e-visa fees for a successful application

Taiwan visa fees for Solomon Island citizens

Taiwan visa fees for Solomon Island citizens

For a perfect Taiwan e-visa, only two payments are necessary:

  • The cost of an electronic visa for Taiwan is:
  • Normal: If an e-visa is required in less than three business days.
  • For individuals who need an e-visa right away, there is a two-working-day deadline.
  • Rush: This option should be chosen if you need an e-visa within one working day.
  • The Taiwanese government charges for e-visas.

Read more at: Taiwan Immigration Service for e-visa fees

How can I pay for the Taiwan e-visa fees?

Are you considering applying for a Taiwan e-visa but are unsure how to pay the costs? You now have two simple funding choices, so stop worrying. Bank transfers through the Bank of Cyprus, which takes both US dollars and euros, as well as credit or debit cards that give Solomon Island residents a variety of payment choices, including Visa, American Express, Paypal, and wire transfers via bank.

What makes Taiwan Immigration Services the best option for online Taiwan visa applications?

For Solomon Island citizens, getting a passport for Taiwan is quick, simple, and labor-intensive. In order to avoid any delays or rejections, be sure that all necessary paperwork is accurate and complete. If travelers follow the guidelines in this article for Taiwan e-visa requirements for Solomon Island citizens, it will be simple for them to visit Taiwan.

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, Taiwan Immigration Services also offers travel insurance, ensuring that Solomon Island citizens have the safest and most pleasurable trip imaginable. Simply take it up now!

You must first obtain a visa if you are a Solomon Island citizen who wants to visit Taiwan. Solomon Island citizens can register for a Taiwan e-visa via the Taiwan Immigration Services, which is the most practical location. You may quickly obtain your trip authorization and explore Taiwan if you follow the instructions. Don't allow the rules governing Taiwan's e-visa to deter you from visiting Taiwan's many attractions if you live in Kuwait. For stress-free travel, begin your Taiwan online visa application based on Taiwan e-visa requirements for Solomon Island citizens today.